5 Actionable Ways to Make Puzzles More Interesting and Entertaining

5 Actionable Ways to Make Puzzles More Interesting and Entertaining

Ever heard someone saying that puzzles are boring? Solving old-fashioned puzzles often seems to be dull, especially if you are an enthusiast or a pro. Change your puzzle-making perspective or add fun elements to make the game more interesting. Try looking at a puzzle upside down and you may have to pay more attention to the finer details. Challenges work best when your mind needs to work more to view the same things from a different angle.

Whether it is about custom jigsaw puzzles that you have already assembled several times or a brand new one that you have just come across, here are some game-changing elements you need to check.  Check on these 5 effective ways to make puzzles more challenging and interesting.

1. No peek-a-boo at the box

The first step towards making a puzzle more interesting is doing it entirely without looking at the box. Now puzzle nerds recommend following this guide whenever you do puzzles, experts also recommend sneaking at the box sometimes. But when you aim to make the puzzle jazzy and snazzy, for a 500-piece puzzle, removing the box out of sight may be a better option.

Believe it or not, the ‘no looking trick’ works massively well for detailed and large pieces, especially for those having large and bold colors and switching on to fading shades quickly. The subtle color change is one way of testing color vision. So, let that be your guide when working on more challenging elements.

2. Make it timed

If you are puzzle lover, you will enjoy Australian puzzles as one of the best ways to make your pastime more relaxing. But to add zeal to it, why don’t you go against the clock? It will be a surefire and fun way of challenging yourself. Wondering how to arrange a timed puzzle? Well, give yourself about 15 minutes to look for the pieces and include another half an hour to assemble them the right way.

Alternatively, you can set yourself a one-hour time to complete the entire puzzle. For those really large puzzles, you can give yourself a couple of hours more to complete the entire thing. To be honest, you have plenty of options to customize the challenge and test your skill for solving puzzles right away.

3. Pick puzzles with unfamiliar shapes

Not everyone is a pro when it comes to solving puzzles. But what makes them more interesting are the shapes. So, one way of adding interesting elements is choosing puzzles with unfamiliar shapes to let your mind work harder to grasp the new challenges. For instance, some of the edge pieces may be more complex than the rest.

Why don’t you try your hands on Australian made jigsaw puzzles with military designs? Australian Military Jigsaws are not only excellent additions to your private collections, but for gifts, you want to buy for your family and friends. Check their limited-edition puzzles having several unfamiliar shapes to add to the severity of the challenge.

4. Don’t begin with the edges

One of the commonest ways to begin with the puzzle is by assembling the edges. It is one of the most effective ways to resolve the puzzle. But to add to the fun and challenge, you can start the other way around. Try starting from one corner and moving outward and you may feel like holding the image in your hands. Also, you can move section-wise and construct each puzzle piece before arranging them on the whole. 

5. Compete with others

Doing puzzles with friends or family members is not only fun but inspires you to move head-on. So, you can turn it into healthy competition and get started. For instance, you can choose the puzzle with a friend with each working on opposite sides and waiting to see who finishes first. Try to put up a daring challenge while playing the game. Moving head-to-head with a competitor in timed challenges is an effective way of cutting out on strategies that matter.

Do you love brain juggling? You are likely the right one to experiment with Australian puzzles and enjoy their positive effects. If you have done jigsaw puzzles as an adult or a child, try to add these elements to stay more focused and immersed in the game and also have unending fun.

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