BFF Full Form in English

BFF Full Form in English

Nowadays everyone is well-known about social media and everyone also uses social media. And if you also use social media you also have seen BFF world on social media platforms many times, you also must have seen BFF in a picture caption in which someone uploads their picture with their fries or best friend. I am sure that you also have thought about it once in your life what is BFF and what is BFF full form in Hindi. So today with the help of this article we will tell you what is BFF full form in English and much more information related to this.

What is the full form of BFF?

As we all know that there are lots of full forms of BFF but obviously they are not actually correct. The actual full form of BFF is “Best Friends Forever”. BFF (Best Friend Forever) is mainly used for best friends, and close friends and also used for a childhood friends. But in Indian shows, Indian famous actor Salman Khan has changed the full form of BFF by giving a bend to everyone and telling the full form of BFF as “Bad Friends Forever” but this is not its real full form as we know and read above that its actual full form is Best Friends Forever.

The word BFF is mainly used in social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others, the word BFF is especially used by teenagers, school students, and college students in their social media conversations, group conversations, and they also use BFF in the caption of a photo uploaded with a friend or in a group photo. 

This word is mainly used for those friends who support you in every situation and stand with you in every situation and this word is also used for a childhood friend and for special friends, and whenever you use the word BFF for your friend that means that friend is very important for you and the trust between you is very deep.

The word BFF is believed that it originated in 1996 and that was also been included in the new Oxford American Dictionary on 16 September 2010. As it was used for your special friends the social media websites also provide stickers and emojis related to it.

BFF Origin

There are thousands of thoughts in people's minds about the word BFF how did this word come into social media was the most problematic question for those who frequently use this word regularly like students they must have known when did this word comes into social media and from where, so undoubtedly that was a curious problem for those students who use BFF word on daily basis on social media site, but you don't have to very about this we will help you with the help of this article.

It was first used in Oxford Dictionary in 1987 and later on, it was officially added to Oxford Dictionary in 2010, but in terms of first use it was first used in 1997, Phoebe used it in Friends (S3 E25) T.V Series.

Some other full forms of BFF

However, the word is mostly used in social media in terms of best friends, but according to some different countries and circumstances, it has some other full form and meaning, such as given below!

● British Forces Foundation

● Backends for Frontends

 Bicycle Film Festival

 Be Faithful Forever

 Backstabbing Fake Friend

 Banners Family Farm

 Best Female Friend

 Best Feline Friend

 Best Forward fight

 Boy Friend Forever

 Binners Family Farm

 Ben’s First Fans

 Bad Friends Forever

Famous things related to the word BFF

As we know it’s itself a very famous word and it's mostly used for good friends and best friends. But there are many other popular places where it is used and in that situation, you got much more idea about what is the real meaning of the word BFF.

1. A famous American singer sings a song whose name is BFF, the name of the singer is Jeezy he is a famous singer and rapper. If someone searches for BFF on the internet he will definitely get Jeezy’s song on top.

2. Many people searching for BFF video ideas, and if you also want to make a video on this topic on social media you can simply make a prank comedy video with your best friends.

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