Best Resorts Near Bangalore for Family Outing

Best Resorts Near Bangalore for Family Outing


There are many family-friendly resorts in Bangalore, including Guhantara Resort, Shilhaandara Resort, Rd Nature Retreat, Jain Farms, Homologue Resort, Gold Coin Resort, Ankit Vista Green Town, Goldfinch Pullback, Eagleton Recourse, Elim Recourse, Royal Floral Resort, Chairman’s Jade Lounge & Resort, Ramanashree California Recourse, Urban Valley Recourse, and numerous others.

These same family hotels in Bengaluru are known for their large rooms, distinctive atmospheres, and beautiful sights. They also pride themselves on the upscale amenities and cosy accommodations they provide. The resorts pledge top-notch amenities like public pools, gyms, spa rooms, and numerous other luxury items to make the most of your enjoyable stay away from the city’s noise and busyness.

The hotels in Bengaluru for families are the ideal escape from everyday life’s repetitive hustle and bustle. They feature thrilling water transportation, abundant flowers, and a beautiful green environment. Ox cart rides, on-site lakes, kite flying, bull, and games are some of the resort areas’ highlights that bring the reader nearer to village life.

Guhantara Resort

Guhantara seems to be an underground tunnel resort that offers an exciting experience as its name translates to “heart of a cave.” Guhantara is an intriguing retreat for a family day trip in Bengaluru, tidily wedged beneath the earth’s surface and the very first of its kind in Bengaluru. This underground tourist attraction grabs attention because it is about surprise and fascination!

Guhantara combines luxury and Spartan splendour, and a stream that runs the length of the resort adds to its exotic appeal. Please take advantage of its many amenities, including Sambhojan, the inter-food court which promotes communal dining. Rangamandapam, the family-friendly event venue, and Madhushala, the bar area bar, include charming bliss.

Bangalore’s Shilhaandara Resort: Expensive Staycation Offer

The Shilhaandara Resort is located inside a setting full of naturally occurring granite rock formations that took a million years for nature to fashion, away from the clamour and lights of large cities. The hotel draws its inspiration from kingdoms that once ruled this same lands of Southern India and is aesthetically designed to provide solace with your cardiac muscle hungered in a lovely environment.

The Shilhaandara Hotel in Bengaluru introduces a distinctive theme that combines a respectful atmosphere and an adrenaline rush. This resort offers a dizzying variety of activities for the thrill of adrenaline and outdoor enthusiasts, including zip-lining, 4x4 biking, sky diving, archery, rope actions, and more. The rooms are roomy and allow you to take in the

Bangalore’s Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Center: Luxury Staycation Deal

You have ample space to roam around and start taking in the lush surroundings at this opulent resort, which is located inside the garden capital of India. The resort is flanked by a tranquil and remote area, allowing you to appreciate the serenity of the setting.

The resort offers luxury lodging options, including Deluxe, Superior, and Luxury Cabins, all of which come furnished with top-notch furnishings and modern conveniences. The resort’s spaciousness makes it easy to host large family gatherings. There are two restaurants just at the resort: A Verve, which offers international cuisine, as well as the 9th Mile, Used for an outdoor event and serves delectable North Indian cuisine.

Day Trip to Shilhaandara Resort in Bangalore: Save 29%

At the base of the Ramnagara rock formations is the splendid Shilhaandara recourse. The resort in Bengaluru has long been a great place to unwind and enjoy time with loved ones. The hotel, surrounded by lush greenery, is a popular destination for people looking for a fun day trip in Bangalore. Make reservations for this unique getaway and make the most of the opportunity with one’s family members.

Bangalore’s 5 Palm Meadows Club | Luxury Staycation Deal

A serene entranceway in the Indian garden city spans 5 acres of lush vegetation. The resort takes pride in its tranquil setting and palm meadows. The location offers you a perfect fusion of luxury and natural comfort while being removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. This location is ideal for a getaway because of the tranquil surroundings, which provide the utmost relaxation.

The 78 rooms and suites at The Finger Meadows Club are tastefully furnished, well-decorated, and equipped with modern conveniences. The resort offers a fully-stocked gym, outdoor and indoor pools, and a full-service spa offering a variety of procedures and massage services. Additionally, savour exotic Indian cuisine prepared with freshly rich spices at a traditional Indian restaurant.

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