Brahmatal Trek: Best Time to go to and Complete The Itinerary

Brahmatal Trek: Best Time to go to and Complete The Itinerary

Creation –

The Brahmatal Trek usually amazes us with its mesmerizing beauty. Be it any time of the year, it is generally complete with nature and naturality. Exploring the breathtaking scenic beauty of the Himalayas is what younger individuals take up as an ardor these days. For that, hiking has grown quite an activity within the Himalayas. On foot through the paths would make you find the peace that nature gives.

One of the stunning top treks inside the Himalayas is the Brahmatal trek. It offers a selection of mountain perspectives. It is a snowy Himalayan trek with nice weather and is located at an altitude of 12,250 feet. The trek starts evolving from Lohajung, the bottom camp, and finishes in 6 days. The two beautiful glacial lakes are the full wonder of this trek.

One is Brahmatal Lake, and the alternative is Bekaltal Lake. These lakes are placed at an altitude of 3180 meters. This trek is a paradise for people who love snow. The Mrigthuni, Devtoli, and Maikoti peaks of Kumaon can be visible at the same time as going on this trail.

Legends have it that the Brahmatal Lake is where lord Brahma pondered, and in Bekhaltal, Lord Brahma stays hidden. This trek offers a unique view of many mountain ranges and a breathtaking view of the Roopkund trek.

Best Time to Visit –

This trek is usually called a winter trek. The months of December to February are taken into consideration as the right time. It’s miles a conventional iciness trek as you’ll be able to witness the frozen lakes that are exciting and charming snow-capped peaks. It gets a massive quantity of snow in January, and the snow receives deeper as you climb up. This makes the trek more interesting and a laugh. This area is heaven for snow fans. In winter, the daytime is superb, and the nights are cooler. From April to June, there is no snow on this trek.


The weather remains nice throughout the day, but it gets colder at night. Wearing heat garments is an ought to. It is also critical to note that the monsoon arrives in July, and trekking would be risky during this time due to the possibility of land sliding. But many people pick trekking in the summers because they don’t discover winters as a great deal secure due to the acute climate, but this varies from person to individual. So it’s up to you which season fits you the maximum. The view is a lot better inside in the winter due to the snow-clad mountains and frozen lakes.

Complete Itinerary –

The foremost factor you need to do is to reach Kathgodam. Railways are the most effortless approach to attaining Kathgodam. Then it would help if you drove to Lohajung, the base camp. This would be a protracted, however beautiful power with satisfactory views.

The trek begins from Lohajung, and the first destination is Bekaltal via Mandoli village. This will take around 4 hours and pass through the rhododendron and very well forests. The stay for the night time could be in tents.

Tomorrow the trek starts offevolved toward Brahmatal via the lush green forests and beautiful meadows. The Brahmatal Lake is situated at an altitude of three-four hundred meters.

Day after today, you summit Brahmatal height, which provides you with a full scintillating view of the Himalayas, especially the Trishul and Nandaghunti peaks. The campsite Daldum is just three hours far from the height. The in a single day stay can be at tents.

The following day, you have to trek back to Lohajung from Daldum. It is the best 3.5 km from Daldum at the manner down.

On the final day of the trek, your pressure back to Kathgodam, where you could avail bus or teach to attain lower back home.

The trek can also begin at places like Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Delhi NCR. It’s up to you in which you want to start the trek.

End –

That is one of the most attractive hiking locations. The dawn and sunset at this trek are unmissable. If you travel with your friends, you may have a super time. Iciness treks are typically more famous among winter fans, but even if you are not an iciness lover, you could simply go and provide a visit as it may be worth it. Do carry the requirements which are needed for a trek. Three layered garbs are a must, and the essential stationaries, which include dry food and water, need to be saved in conjunction with different things.

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