Uttari Betta Day Trek from Bengaluru

Uttari Betta Day Trek from Bengaluru


We will talk about the uttari betta trek that starts from Bangalore. The uttari beta trek is a one-day trek. It is also one day hike in Karnataka.

Trekking is something that needs physical strength and willpower to climb. Many treks are challenging to do and need prior experience for trekking. Some tours take days to complete. These treks can be easy for the ones who are experts in trekking. But what about those without experience in trekking and who do not have time to spend days climbing?

Those people also want to feel the same and see those beautiful, breathtaking views. This article will tell you about one of the most adventurous and beautiful treks that is easy and does not even take days to complete. Inexperienced people also have the right to explore the hills.

Uttari Beta Trek

Well, if you already live in Bangalore or nearby Bangalore or if you have come to visit and explore Bangalore. You have to add the uttari beta trek to your bucket list. It would be best if you saw the traveling. It will be one of the best times of your life.

It will only take 3 hours from Bangalore to reach the base point of the uttari beta trek. You can take the bus. You can go in your vehicle. You can even book the whole travelling package which will include everything up and down, including food.

Their vehicle will pick you up from your location, and then you will reach the base location in 3 hours from Bangalore. Then you will start trekking. This is about 5 kilometers from bottom to top.

The Best Way to Reach Uttari Betta

The trek passes through seven doors which are made of stone. This trek is one of the easiest treks. You will go through the rocks while watching beautiful views from the hills. To reach the halfway point of the uttari beta trek, you must pass through huge rocks cut into small stair-like structures. Those stairs will be helpful for you to climb quickly.

You will see a temple made of rocks when you reach the halfway point of the uttari beta trek. This temple is called the Shankareshwar temple. The view from the Shankareshwar temple is spectacular. You can take a rest here while chit-chatting with your friends and family. You can have some snacks here while watching a beautiful view. You will have a picture of rocks and lush green land from the top.

When you again start trekking to the top, you will see that the other half is surrounded by green trees, plants, and grass that will give you old skool vibes. To reach the top of the uttari beta trek, you must pass through a cave that will test your flexibility.

Finally, you reach the top, sit on the rock, and see the view

Your hard work and tiredness will be worth it when you see that beautiful view. People love trekking because of the view they see from the top of the hill. The leveling is only a 5-kilo-meter trek and only a one-day trek. So it is one of the best treks to start trekking. You will gain some experience from here, and then you can begin levelling your trekking difficulty level.

If you are starting this trek during the day, then this trek will be one of the best treks for you to see the sunset. The sunset view from the top of the hills will be breathtaking.

You can even camp there and enjoy the nighttime on top of the uttari beta

You can do a bonfire and make food on your own and enjoy. Trekking can be one of the best ways to make yourself fresh and active physically and mentally. If you are bored with your daily life routine, you can take a break and come here. You will have your best time here. You can see a very distant view from the top of the hill.

Overall, this uttari beta trek is one of the best hikes you can do. Well, I hope you have got almost information about the uttari beta trek. All the things have been covered in this article. I hope you like the information given.

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