Top Treks and Camping Places Near Bangalore

Top Treks and Camping Places Near Bangalore


Are you searching for the top trekking and camping places near Bangalore? When was the most recent time you gasped for air while looking for a wonder you saw? With our guide to the best 15 trekkers sure to take one’s breath away, the world is sick of wanting to hold its exhalation behind all of these hoods; it’s time users let away.

Hiking Close to Bangalore

There are innumerable peaks in Bengaluru that you can climb to the summit of for a picturesque view that is particular and exclusive to each people is looking for the best in Bengaluru, and if you’re not from Bangalore, are you sick of nagging your mates for recommendations on where to go?

Then stop your search. Here is our comprehensive list of the best trekking locations close to -the known trekking club. I created this list with all you exploration seekers in mind and those who simply desire to escape the urban jungle they live in.

From Bangalore, Get to the Trekking Locations

One can take a bus, train, or taxi (Amar Outstation) from Bengaluru to get here. Each location’s spacing from Bengaluru is listed below as an approximation (M.G.Road).

Trekking up Skandagiri Hill

If Shanti Hills is the sole place users hear regarding, let me inform you that the Article is to identify, also renowned as Kalavara Devi, located in the Chikballapur neighbourhood, is a surprisingly close and comparable option. From Bengaluru, it’s simple to get to Papagani Monastery, where the ascent to the peak begins.

It is recommended to arrive at the travelling foundation at 3 A.M. to arrive in the moment to see the stunning sun come up with its never-ending ripples of clouds. The hike to the top could take you two to two or three hours. In addition to having one of the Rajput Sultan’s now-demolished forts, Skandagiri has two caves throughout its entire stretch.


Have you ever wanted to know what tomorrow’s horizon will look like? The name of this one is Savandurga, also spelt Savinna Durga, which means “The Fort of Death.” In the Kerala district of Tumkuru, a hill town is next to a temple town.

From Shree Lakshmi Narasimhawaran Temple, the ascent begins. The terrain of this area is made up of muddy patches, little woodlands, and natural stone rocks. You can appreciate this very easy trek by yourself or in a collective.

To gain the most grip, it was advised to hike in either bare feet or trekking shoes. 

Ramanagara Trek

You will ask your mates, “Kitne Aadhmi te,” during this journey. If you are a first-time visitor and are probably just thinking, “Hey, I’ve just seen this place someplace,” then, yeah, sure, you predicted it; this is where the famous movie “Sholay” was filmed.

situated in the Ramanagara neighbourhood, also called the “Textiles City.” Ramanagara is surrounded by seven hills, making it the perfect place for day hikes and day treks. . You must climb four hundred steps to reach the top. Ramanagara, only 50 kilometres from Bengaluru, is renowned for pioneering mountain climbing. When seen from 4 different perspectives, the hills that surround Ramanagara have remarkable similarities.

Trekking the Devarayanadurga

From Bengaluru, you could travel here in a day. Hills is located 50 kilometres from Bengaluru in the Taluka District. Adventurers there in great numbers. Two temples, the Authors have explained, Narsimha Monastery and Goddess Lakshmi Swamy Temple, are located in DD Hills. This is a waggon festival. At the foothills, there is a sizable season of March to April to visit DD Hills. The journey begins at a big brick-building cupola tower at the foot of the hill. . You could find a fort at the hilltop in the DD Hills.

Trek to Chitradurga Fort

Biker-friendly destination close to Bangalore, where you can ride away from and find pure bliss. During the British era, the Chitradurga Fort, which is the Chitradurga municipality, The fort spans many hills perched atop a top of a mountain that provides an endless view of Chitradurga Town’s flat valley. Chitrakaldurga, the “scenic fort” in Telugu, is the identifier of the fort. 200 kilometres separate Chittorgarh Fort from Bangalore, and the route there takes the reader along highways dotted with an endless number.

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