Everything You Need To Understand Regarding Skandagiri Trek

Everything You Need To Understand Regarding Skandagiri Trek


The Skandagiri journey is a well-known, slightly earlier excursion thru the challenging terrain that is both rewarding and taxing. The dawn you see amid the clouds at the top of the mountain is unmatched. It is an incredible day journey that is not far from Bengaluru.

There are deteriorated ancient fort ruins and old remnants of Tipu Sultan’s fortress. That gives this trek a ghostly appeal. Another name for Skandagiri Hill, which has a view of Hill Station, is Kalwarbetta or Kalavara Devi temple. This is a beautiful location to experience walking between many patches of fog. Users can tent out and have a bonfire at night while taking in the unrivaled view of the rising sun.

You can also try Gokarna Beach Trek, which starts from Bangalore.

Ideal Season for the Skandagiri Trek

The best time to go on this trek is whenever. The ideal season for this trek is typically snow, which runs from November through January. After a strenuous climb on a winter’s night, nothing quite compares to retail therapy. During the monsoons, flora and fauna give the roundtrip commute a new attraction. Suppose you have the strength to endure the dangerous South Indian hot weather. In that case, you can complete the warmer months trek to Skandagiri.

Getting There

It would be best if you first traveled to the town of Chikkaballapur.

Street: From Bengaluru to Chikkaballapur, you could indeed take the bus. From that, you could either walk or hire an electric scooter for a 15-minute trip to the base location in Kalawara village. Or you can hire a taxi to take you from Bangalore to Chikkaballapur. Only if users know a person they can trust or if you’re bringing a motorist who will stay in the car whilst also you trek can you get your vehicle and organise for cars parked in a Famously known village. It is best to stay away from your vehicle to avoid a dishonest car park aide.

Rail: Numerous trains travel to Bangalore, which is the closest railhead. You could book the Bengaluru Rajdhani from Delhi or even the Notifiable Express from Bombay.

Fly to the conveniently located Bengaluru aerodrome, from which you can take a taxi to Chikkaballapura.

Travel Route

When and how to start.

Given that your trek will last only a few hours, you should set out at around four in the morning. You find the roof would’ve been because the trail is marked the entire way.

The ascent

The trek begins from Papagni Monastery, which is close to the village of Kwara. A quasi-trail can be found for a few minutes, even though shortly lush vegetation appears. During your trek, you can see the Kalwarbettar fortress straight ahead. You will arrive at the fort after navigating some dense vegetation, but the adventure has just begun. Six of these derelict fortresses seem to lead to the ruins of an old temple.


The route is risk-free, and there are no disclosed snake threats. Visitors will reach the top and see the magnificent sunset after one 4 to 5-hour hike through sporadic fort ruins.

Descent and Reverse

Most stay overnight to appreciate the awe-inspiring sunrise because the hike has some at night. Still, some people start in the morning and finish by 6 P.M. We advise night camping because it’s a more fulfilling experience, especially when surrounded by nature and the stars. You can take the same route home, stop at the nearby Hill Station if you’d like, or continue to Bengaluru.


Travel: If you select a personal operator, only one bus fare from Bengaluru to Chikkaballapur is Rs 600. The cost of a KSRTC bus is about Rs. 350. It will cost roughly Rs. 50 to take a car from the airport to the starting point. The cost of a self-drive cab for a roundtrip is about Rs. 5600.

Food: A day’s worth of snacks will run you between 300 and 600 rupees.

Accommodations: You are welcome to spend the night in your tent at the mountain campgrounds. 


The government recently began imposing a 450 rupee fee for the Skandagiri journey. I made this choice in response to some careless hikers who would leave the area in disrepair and with litter.

Locations To Stay

Suppose you have a reservation with a trekking company. I will decide on late-night accommodations for you. Otherwise, you can camp there in your tent. If you decide against the night journey, you could stay in nearby Nandi Hills in one of the low-cost hotels (tariffs start at Rs. 1500). Try Discovery Village or Mount Palazzo.

Meal Snack foods, muffins, tea, and cold beverages are available at many wooden huts and small shops along the travelling trail. Many restaurants in Chikkaballapur, including Kamat Upachar Eatery, Chandru Guesthouse, Hospitality Babuji, and Swathi Eatery, are open for lunch.

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